The National Bank Open, formerly Rogers Cup

Sustainable Development plan

For the past several years, Tennis Canada has been working tirelessly to minimize its environmental footprint and become a sustainability leader in Canada and throughout the world by 2030.

In addition to achieving its core mission, it also wants to leave a lasting and positive legacy for fans, players and communities across the country. To meet that goal and lead the sustainable growth of tennis in Canada, the federation is committed to hosting world-class tournaments—the National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Montréal and Toronto—that are environmentally and socially responsible.


In light of the complexity of implementing a sustainability strategy and aligning it with its goals, vision and mission, Tennis Canada identified the four priority areas that are most relevant to the National Bank Open presented by Rogers WTA and ATP events and essential to understanding our commitment to the environment and our communities.

Photo: Tennis Canada
Photo: Tennis Canada


  • Installation of more than 200 hundred tri-bins
  • Management of recyclable and compostable materials
  • Use of only compostable and recyclable flatware and cutlery
  • Collection of waste cooking oil and treatment of hazardous materials
  • All tennis balls are recycled or donated; recycled balls will be used as part of future court resurfacing
  • Reuse of flooring materials
  • Reusable bottles allowed on site with additional filling stations for visitors, volunteers, and employees
  • Reuse of the posters and signage (dates removed)
  • Reuse of the banners facing the court
  • Indigenous plants and flowers requiring less water planted on site


  • Carbon neutrality
  • Offset energy use during the tournament (electricity, natural gas, propane and gasoline)
  • Offset daily travel for all staff and volunteers over 10 days
  • Hybrid models for official cars
  • Electric carts to drive players around the site
  • New bicycle parking spaces
  • LED lighting on Grandstand, Court 1 and Court 4
  • Free TTC ride home
Photo: Sarah-Jade Champagne
Photo: Tennis Canada

Social Responsibility

  • Free access during 407 ETR Free Family Weekend (First 2 days of tournament)– 25,000 entries in 2019.
  • Site adapted for families and people with reduced mobility
  • Surplus food donated Second Harvest
  • Surplus material (clothing, shoes, water bottles) donated


  • Creation of a multi-departmental committee of Tennis Canada employees
  • Recyclable and compostable materials identified at key locations on site
  • Implementation of an independent third-party audit system to verify our data


Year after year, the National Bank Open presented by Rogers pursues its responsible management efforts and continues to put in place new initiatives to attain its targets and minimize its environmental footprint. The 2022 tournament is no exception, and a range of new actions and improvements will help us become more and more sustainable.


The success of our sustainability efforts depends in large part on public participation. Visitors to Sobeys Stadium have the power to make a real difference during our tournament through small everyday actions that yield significant collective impacts.


Take public transit to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the tournament.

Use your ticket for a free ride back home using TTC public transit network after the match!

If you have to drive to Sobeys Stadium, purchase carbon credits to offset the trip. The NBO works with Planétair

Waste and Water management

Sort your waste by placing the right material in the right bin! Our sustainability team will be on hand to help.
Bring your reusable bottle and fill it up at our water stations.
Place your radio headsets in the recycling bins or reuse them at home.

Social Responsibility

Make a donation to the Tennis Canada Foundation, which supports tennis development in communities across the countries. All the profits from the National Bank Open are reinvested into Canadian tennis.


Follow the movement and contribute to our green initiatives during the tournament and at home. Share our posts and help us encourage tennis fans to take action! 


Tennis Canada drafted a strategic plan for sustainable development to guide its actions, set its annual targets and ensure the National Bank Open presented by Rogers, which is part of the Hologic WTA Tour and ATP Tour, is:

WHY 2030?

Why 2030? Because it challenges Tennis Canada to be a world leader in tennis sustainability and still allows sufficient time to adapt its actions and adopt new technologies, methods and processes that will leave an enduring and tangible legacy for fans, players and communities.


Tennis Canada would like to thank the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (CQEER) for its support in the development and implementation of our strategic plan.

To learn more about the CQEER and its services for organizations seeking to integrate sustainable development into their event management practices, go to