The National Bank Open, formerly Rogers Cup



National Bank Open presented by Rogers would not be one of the most successfully run tennis tournaments in the world without the help and tireless work of our volunteers. To continue to grow our incredible volunteer team we are always looking for new, enthusiastic people to join one of our many roles we have available.

Please use the appropriate link after reading the below information and familiarizing yourself with the requirements of our volunteer program. The deadline to apply is May 1st. If you are interested in the Montreal National Bank Open event please click here.


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Your Commitment To Us


These are the minimum requirements and commitments that all National Bank Open volunteers must meet:


In recognition of your commitment to us, Tennis Canada is pleased to offer the following benefits to all volunteers:

Volunteer Program Quick Facts

Ball Crew

Do you think you have what it takes to join our world-class National Bank Open Ball Crew?

Here are some things you need to know:

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We can be reached by email at or by phone at 416-665-9777.

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You will receive an automated email response to the address on your application stating that we have received your application and it is being processed. At any point along the way, feel free to email if you have questions.

Yes. Submitting your online application is only the first step in the registration process. Once you have submitted your form, you will be contacted by Tennis Canada and informed of the dates of our volunteer fairs which will be held in May.

Each new volunteer needs to be interviewed during the volunteer fairs. It is at these interviews that your talents are assessed and a recommendation for placement is provided. Following the volunteer fairs, you will be contacted by Tennis Canada with further instructions regarding training and scheduling.

While online is the fastest and easiest way to apply, you can also contact us and request a paper copy of the application form be sent to you.

All of the volunteer jobs at National Bank Open require fluency in English, basic customer-service skills, a friendly and professional demeanor, a willingness and ability to follow directions and abide by volunteer policies, and a commitment to making the tournament a wonderful experience for both the public and tournament guests. Other than that, an interest in tennis is always welcome!

After the volunteer fairs, if you are accepted onto the National Bank Open volunteer team, you will be contacted by your Committee Head to welcome you onto the committee, and to ask your availability during the event. Once you have submitted your availability, schedules will be created and then sent to you. It is very important that once the schedule is created our volunteers keep their commitments.

You do not need to be a tennis fan to volunteer at National Bank Open – but it certainly helps! While a basic understanding of the game is a valuable asset, a great attitude and willingness to help are the top qualities we are looking for in our volunteers.

Absolutely! We have volunteers from other provinces, countries, and continents. We ask that you please remember that Tennis Canada is unable to reimburse any travel or accommodation costs incurred by our volunteers and we ask that all our volunteers be proficient in English.

While we will make every effort to find suitable alternative arrangements, unfortunately we cannot guarantee placement for volunteers who are unable to complete the entire registration process.

All volunteers must arrange their own accommodation, and travel. Each volunteer will be provided a meal for each shift that they volunteer. Tennis Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization, and unfortunately we cannot provide honorariums or reimburse these expenses.

Although we make best efforts to put you on the committee that best fits your skill and preferences, if a committee is full and/or does not have any spots available, we cannot guarantee a position. Because we have such a high number of returning volunteers each year, not all committees will always have openings.

Absolutely! There is no upper age limit for volunteering at the National Bank Open. We ask all of our volunteers to let us know if you have any restrictions such as lifting, standing for long periods of time, having specific experience on computers, etc. Ultimately, we rely on our volunteers to work with us to help select the volunteer positions that will be a good fit for themselves and the volunteer team at their volunteer fair interview.

The length of each shift is dependent on the committee you are a part of. However, most shifts are approximately 6-7 hours in length. Because we are an outdoor event, weather does sometimes play a factor and we require our volunteers to stay ‘until the end of play’ rather than to a posted time when play has been delayed.

Yes! Younger applicants should apply for our world-class Ball Crew. For more information please email Once you are 16 you may apply as a regular volunteers for our other positions.

If requested, best efforts will be made to have friends and families volunteering together. However, we cannot guarantee that it will always work out, but similar shift availability times should be selected by each party to ensure the best chance of volunteering together. It should also be noted that while you may be on the same shifts as your friend/family, you may be in different parts of the Sobeys Stadium as volunteer supervisors and committee heads will place volunteers where help is needed.

Some of our volunteers do interact with tournament players and guests. However, while you are on shift and in restricted areas, we ask that all personnel treat the players with respect and do not approach them. Breaching this policy is extremely serious and those found to violate this policy are dismissed from the program. When you are off shift, out of official tournament clothing and accreditation, and in public areas, our volunteers are more than welcome to take photos and get autographs from the players. If any of the above three criteria are not followed, the volunteer will be dismissed from the program.

Every volunteer will receive a complimentary ticket package that they are free to use or give to their friends and families. Your volunteer accreditation will also give you access to Stadium Court seating at any time during the event. Volunteers are also given special discounts on purchasing additional tickets.

It is very important to note that while on shift, volunteers are expected to make the running of the tournament their top priority, which means the tennis can only be watched during meal breaks or before/after your shifts.

You can contact the Volunteer Office by emailing or by calling the Tennis Canada offices at 416-665-9777. Please note that we are generally not equipped to be a drop-in office (unless otherwise announced). If a meeting is necessary, appointments can be made with the staff.

Yes, we have many volunteer shifts that take place in the evenings and on the two weekends of the tournament. However, these are commonly the most frequently requested shifts due to availability and most evening shift start times start at 5 pm or earlier. As mentioned, we require all our volunteers to be available for a minimum of 42 hours during the event.

After the event is over, you must contact the Volunteer Office by emailing with the document you require to be signed. Alternatively, if you need a letter from Tennis Canada stating your hours worked, we can provide that for you.