The National Bank Open, formerly Rogers Cup

PRESS CONFERENCE: Aleksandra Wozniak

August 7, 2019

Q. You have an opportunity to go back on center court now. You have been thinking about this for a week. How do you feel now that this is about to happen?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: I’m excited. At the same time I have to come back on center court where all my fans have been encouraging me throughout my career.

I feel like it’s going to be a special moment. I feel special to have this ceremony here in Montreal, in front of them, in front of my family, just to live that moment again, just to be on that center court.

Q. You participated in 13 Rogers Cups in your career. You are going to celebrate this at the Rogers Cup Hall of Fame.

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Well, it was a beautiful career. It was good moments I spent here at home during many years with the crowd supporting me for so long. It’s a great moment to be on the court in front of everybody and to enjoy this moment after my career is over.

Q. What does this represent for you, to have this honor today?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: I feel very special. When you finish your career, you look back on all those moments, accomplishments, special moments, you feel grateful. I was very happy to have this honor this evening with my family and my fans and those who followed me for 15 years.

It was a dream for me to be a player here. I am came here as a little girl. My parents took me here. It was a dream for me to play on center court, and the dream came true. It’s a very old dream and it’s very special.

Q. Is there a match or a year that is most important in your memories?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: It was 2012. I had a tough draw. I had to play seated players. I went to the quarterfinals. I felt the energy of all the crowd supporting me. They helped me overcome the difficult moments during the match.

This year, 2012, was the most memorable year.

Q. It’s good to see that Canadian tennis is very healthy. What do you think?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yes, I’m very excited to see those young players from Canada that are doing well on the professional tours. It was not long ago, because when I was young, we didn’t have as many players. Now I see Canadian tennis is developing on the professional tours.

Q. How to you spend your days since you’ve retired? We suppose you spend a lot of time in the sun because you’re tan.

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Well, this is summer in Montreal.

The transition is going well since I retired. I worked with 50 schools to encourage young players to start playing tennis. Since I’ve been retired, I’ve been working with the Tennis Québec Tour to encourage young players to be active and to start tennis.

I’m a consultant for a Canadian champion who is becoming professional. And I work for a company doing therapeutic clothes, so I’m still working in sports.

I participate in several events, and I would like to create a small foundation. So I’m committing myself to several things to see what I can do to help. I participate in many events.

I would like to create a small foundation. I’m doing different things because I want to see what I will like and what I want to do.

Q. Do you miss the competition?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yes, I do. Competition, being on the court, playing against an opponent, the strategy, the energy you feel on the court I miss a lot.

Q. All the Canadian players here have talked about a moment when they were young, they came to the tournament. Do you personally have some memories, an anecdote that you remember about this tournament?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Well, the anecdote was when my parents took me to this tournament the first time, I was very young. I wanted to be on center court like Monica Seles, who was my idol. I wanted to become a professional tennis player. The dream came true. I’m so happy that I was able to play here. It was a dream. I made it.

Q. How old were you?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: I don’t remember. I was very young.

Q. You are talking about your family. We know in your career your parents, your father, your sister, too, played a great role in your career.

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yes, they are all here. They will be here for the ceremony. It’s thanks to my parents and my sister that I was able to play tennis. She inspired me.

I was going to the tennis club with my sister when my father was training her. Tennis became my love. This is how it all started. I was three years old. It’s thanks to them that I was able to have a dream come true.

Q. What do you appreciate in Bianca’s game?

ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: What I like is the focus I can see in her eyes. She’s ready to go as far as possible. I see she’s extremely determined to go very far. This is what I like.