The National Bank Open, formerly Rogers Cup

Press Conference: Dominic Thiem (l. Medvedev) QF

August 9, 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019
6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was that just the match that got away from you today?

DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I mean, with all the traveling and short transition, two very tough matches yesterday and two days ago, I think the battery was empty today. I was not on my 100%.

This is just not enough in a quarterfinals of a Masters 1000, especially against a guy like Daniil, who is in a great shape, who is playing amazing tennis.

I was not able to go the long rallies with him. That’s basically the only chance to beat him. It’s just a logical score and result what happened today.

Q. All in all, despite the loss today, are you satisfied with what you have seen of yourself here in Montreal this week?

DOMINIC THIEM: Yes, because first of all I never won a match here. It’s not easy with the long travel here, with the jetlag, then with the change to hard court, beating two really good players.

At the end it was a good tournament. I couldn’t expect to come from Kitzbuhel to here and go all the way. I mean, I’m not a machine. The opponents are way too good.

I’m satisfied with my tournament. I’ll try to get ready to be 100% in Cincinnati again.

Q. It looked like you kind of changed your tactics this year a bit. There were some more slices on your backhand, playing higher-margin shots. Tell me a bit about the thought behind that, if that’s true, what the thought is going into it.


Q. At the tournament this year, as opposed to the way you were playing hard courts last year.

DOMINIC THIEM: Actually most of the time I really like my slice. I think it’s a good shot. It’s a weapon. Here the surface I think is pretty fast, so I try to use that slice a lot.

I mean, the shots with the higher margin are a little bit difficult because the balls and also the surface, they don’t take too much spin. I try to play lot of slice, play closer to the baseline, go for the points.

Q. You did look a bit flat today, your legs weren’t bouncing as much. Did you wake up knowing? Are there any injury concerns or anything like that?

DOMINIC THIEM: No, there are no injury concerns at all. I was very flat today, yeah. I came here, I was really down after last week, a lot of emotions and everything. I only had the travel day off. I practiced Monday, Tuesday here. Wednesday, Thursday tough matches.

It’s just logical that I was very, very tired today. I think against maybe other players it would be still a closer match.

But as I said before, he’s has a great momentum, playing amazing, especially on these hard courts. I didn’t have any chance like that.

Q. Yesterday Khachanov had trouble with the Montreal crowd. You played against Denis Shapovalov, who is Canadian, on Wednesday. What did you think of the Montreal crowd on that night?

DOMINIC THIEM: I think it’s so nice because you don’t see a lot of tournaments where first match, 12:00, the stadium is full. For me there is nothing nicer than to play in front of a full stadium.

I think it’s normal if you play a Canadian or if you play a local that the whole crowd is against you. I think you should accept it and still enjoy the atmosphere. That’s how I see it.

But in general the crowd here is amazing. They love tennis. They are enjoying it’s back after two years.