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Montreal: August 3, 2024 - August 12, 2024
Toronto: August 4, 2024 - August 12, 2024
Montreal : August 3 - 12, 2024
Toronto : August 4 - 12, 2024
Tournament News


by Tennis Canada

August 4, 2022

The National Bank Open presented by Rogers is Canada’s premiere tennis tournament that showcases the best players in the world.

Tennis fans come to witness their favorite players and tennis excellence live and in person but it’s more than just a tennis tournament. The grounds are flooded with fun activities, shops, giveaways, great food and more.

The goal of the National Bank Open is to provide an entertaining and memorable experience for die-hard fans, families, and those just looking for a fun summer day. These are the top five reasons why people should buy tickets to the event.


Many of the best players in the world come to Toronto. As a 1000-level event, it is the second biggest outside the grand slams and the biggest tournament in Canada. This year in particular has one of the best player fields in the tournament’s history. This is the chance to see your favorite players up close.

All ticketholders have access to all the outer courts and the practice courts. It does not require courtside Centre Court seats to get a good view. It is also more likely to get autographs by hanging around after matches or practice sessions on the outside courts.


Having the best players battling for the trophy is only part of what fills the grounds with an electric atmosphere. This tournament takes place in the summer, is outdoors, and has constant action on multiple courts.

Most sporting events consist of one game between two teams and are often in one big indoor stadium. The National Bank Open is nothing like that. It’s like a combination of a sporting event with a summer festival.

Just like a music festival, there is one main stage along with other stages around the grounds. Everyone gets to choose between dozens of athletes they want to watch playing or practicing. Even loud cheers can be heard to signal a great point or the appearance of a popular player.


Although the tournament has the atmosphere of a summer festival, it is welcoming to people of all ages. It is a place for everyone to enjoy whether it be spending the entire session sitting inside Centre Court, visiting all the sponsor activations, enjoying a nice meal from the large selection of food and beverages, or bouncing from court to court chasing the best matches.

It’s a great way to spend the day or night with your family and friends. There’s also a free family weekend that takes place during the qualifying rounds of the tournament.


Part of spending time with friends and family often involves participating in the fun activities taking place around the grounds. The venue goes through an entire renovation each year in preparation for the tournament.

Ordinary spaces throughout the year are completely transformed to accommodate all the activities. There are demonstrations, games, shopping, live music, and more.

It’s a great chance to take photos, win some prizes, get souvenirs, and have a good time!


Although there is a lot to enjoy around the grounds, of course, a major reason to visit the tournament is to watch the tennis!

Watching a live tennis match is very different than seeing it on TV. It’s hard to truly understand the speed of the ball, the quickness of players, the weather conditions, and the feel of a roaring crowd from a living room couch.

Remarkable is the only word to describe what it’s like to witness the sheer athleticism on display during each and every match.